Professional Learning Circles

Online, structured group meeting forum

Connect, Collaborate, and Continue the Learning Journey

Beginning May 30, 2023
2 1/2 hours (150 Minutes)


$399– single participant fee for a cohort meeting 4 consecutive sessions

$1,899– team of 5-6 participants for a cohort meeting 4 consecutive sessions

Register now for a cohort that meets in June or August or Both.

Sign up for both cohorts if you like. Our intention is to provide flexibility.

Craig will introduce you to a cohort of professionals that are looking to solve problems within their organizations. After a brief overview to how the program will run over the summer, we will begin problem solving. The purpose of every session we meet will be two-fold….Action and Learning.

There can be no learning without action, and no action without learning.

Reg Revans

How is this unique:

This is a unique way to problem solve that is rooted in “Leading with Questions.” You’ll learn a specific methodology called Action Learning that will develop a targeted leadership competency, discuss relevant problems, and walk away with action steps.

Two Ground Rules exist in every meeting: 1.) Statements can only be made in response to a question. 2.) The Action Learning Coach can intervene when an opportunity for learning presents itself.

Diversity of perspectives is paramount, so professionals of all stripes will be invited to join

Why Join us:

– We all need support and reflective feedback on relevant problems
– You will learn through experience, comradery, and reflection
– Everyone will leave with actionable ideas – Great networking opportunity

What You’ll Do:

– Meet regularly for 2 1/2 hours online (weekly) with a group of 5-6 professionals
– Everyone has the opportunity to present a problem
– Connect with professionals in the region

What You’ll Learn:

– Action Learning Methodology
– How To Ask Better Questions
– More about relevant problems that each of you brings to the sessions

Who will be there:

– A team from your organization that represents different silos within you organization

– A team from your organization within the same silo that needs a productive way to collaborate

– A group of professionals with similar backgrounds and/or positions that want to support one another in problem solving (great for cross pollination of ideas)

-When registering, you’ll indicate if you prefer to be teamed with professionals within/outside your industry.

Craig Filipkowski
Certified Coach

I’m a consultant, professor, and Senior Action Learning Coach. I aim for my work to serve as a connector of people and great ideas. My passion is to help my clients maximize their professional potential through leadership skills and relevant problem solving.

I’m based in Cincinnati, Ohio and am currently currently accepting consultant work for team coaching. For example, I recently finished coaching a team of high potentials for an international networking hardware company. The team’s project was the culminating capstone to a year long leadership program.

If you have questions or would like more details before you register, contact me below, and I’ll be happy to schedule a call with you and/or send you further details.

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