Developing High Performing Teams

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson

Are you getting the most out of your team?

Is your team solving your organization’s problems?…or is it waiting for you to make the decisions?

Is your team learning from each experience and using the learning to increase performance?…or is it going through the motions with a day-by-day approach?

Methodology: Action Learning uses questioning as the key problem solving tool and creates focus to explore possibilities.

Check out the document below from Fast Company to see how Questions Affect Your Brain

Our Action Learning Coaching Program is a series of four to six team sessions. Each session is approximately three hours. Members meet two weeks apart so that actions can be taken, reflected upon in subsequent meetings, and a better understanding of the challenge can evolve.

What distinguishes the World Institute of Action Learning Model (WIAL Model)?

The WIAL Action Learning Model is partially distinguished by its two, simple ground rules and the inclusion of a coach. These two basic ground rules include the following:  

  • Statements are made only in response to questions, anyone can ask a question of anyone at any time  

The premise is that starting with statements and assertions usually produces defensiveness and debate about whose position is right or correct.  Questions, on the other hand, encourage inquiry, sharing of ideas and perspective, and dialogue.

  • Action learning team coach has the authority to intervene whenever he/she identifies learning opportunities

The sole role of the coach is to facilitate learning whether that be at an individual, team, or organizational level.

WIAL Action Learning is also distinguished by its focus on learning. Equal focus is placed on individual and team learning from each session in addition to producing viable action steps.

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Jean E. A. Fleming EdD, RN Executive Director at Calvert Hospice in Prince Fredrick, MD

“We are committed to building on the leadership and expanded thinking made possible by Action Learning. The comments I’ve received from participants have been highly positive and I’m encouraged by the focused and respectful engagement that was facilitated by this powerful process.”

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