Craig Filipkowski, Ed.D. Founder/CEO of Action Learning Solutions

Who is Action Learning Solutions?

With a history in education starting in 2000, Dr. Filipkowski’s background is shaped by experience as a teacher, high school administrator and athletic coach. He has worked with many diverse student populations and spent time administering credentialing programs such as Lean Six Sigma and OTES 2.0.

Currently he is employed by Xavier University as a Supervisor for student teachers. Other endeavors include being a Certified Action Learning Coach and Certified Coach for LPI 360. He is the Vice president for the USA affiliate of the non-profit World Institute of Action Learning. Additionally, he provides team and instructional coaching support for the Butler County Educational Service Center.

Dr. Filipkowski is the father of four daughters, including one with a severe chronic illness. While facing difficult family challenges, he shaped a doctoral dissertation focused on educational leadership. He also acquired a MiniMBA from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business. His efforts eventually led to Action Learning Solutions, which promotes excellence for “every client, every day”, enhancing the leadership skills of those who want to reach their full potential.

Many thanks to our valued clients!


Craig Filipkowski
Cincinnati, Ohio



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