WIAL Gives Back

Action Learning Solutions is happy to support a great initiative kicked off by @WorldInstituteforActionLearning. WIAL believes – and so do I – that Action Learning is a great way to find breakthrough solutions for the complex problems the world is currently facing, while learning as individuals and as teams at the same time.

I JUST SIGNED UP TO BE A PRO BONO COACH!! I will deliver #actionlearning sessions free of charge to beneficiary organizations that sign up to use WIAL’s Action Learning to successfully recover from the global pandemic.

All information about this initiative including FAQ and sign-up forms can be found at https://wial.org/wialgivesback/

Feel free to share this information so any organization interested in exploring the power of Action Learning can sign up for the #WIALGIVESBACK program!

I truly believe this is a tremendous opportunity for organizations to develop much needed strength and balance in order to cope with unimagined realities. We are thrilled to have been accepted as a recipient of the pro bono support provided and will do what we can to, in turn, support this initiative.

Jean E. A. Fleming, EdD, RN
Executive Director, Calvert Hospice in Prince Fredrick, MD


Invigorate your teams as they develop their personal connections even further.


Ensure that your strategy revolves around the true root cause of an issue.


Ensure engagement from every team member in the problem solving process.

Let’s build something together.

is proud to support the WIAL Gives Back Initiative.

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